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As a Marketing or Sales Manager, you are constantly looking for smart new ways to sell your products and services. You also need surprising new ideas to make your products more attractive and desirable.

You’re definitely not alone; many of your colleagues come to Faes Cases for inspiration!

We help you get noticed

Many of our clients work in Marketing & Sales departments. They need cases to carry products to their customers; custom cases that exude the same durability and quality as the products themselves. The case therefore not only serves as protection and means of transport, it is also part of the product itself. There is also increasing demand for demonstration displays.

Like every marketeer, we begin development based on your product and your needs, then translate it into the best possible packaging recommendation….

Every solution starts with your need

You tell us what your needs and requirements are, and we recommend the best solution for you. Our consultants have a wealth of experience with the complexity of making the right choice. Combined with our own production facilities, this makes Faes Cases the ideal partner for creating successful bespoke cases and displays. Our proven results speak for themselves:

Niko – Switchgear

JZ – Playstation case

Philips – Demonstration case

Soft Bag – Aquarius

Endless ideas from a single source

With our knowledge and know-how, we have built up a basic selection of cases and displays over the years that serves as the creative starting point for your own packaging solution.

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