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The military. Police officers. Fire fighters. Ambulance crews. These people don’t have jobs, they have a calling. Their work requires courage and perseverance, but also preparation and having the right material in the right place at the right time. Once these preconditions have been met, they can get down to the business of saving lives.
When designing packaging, it is important to consider the entire logistical process. The sensitive nature of much of the equipment, such as electronics, weapons or medical instruments, combined with transport over land, sea and air, means there are strict transport requirements. After all, the equipment and reserve parts mustn’t arrive on location in an unusable condition.

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In addition, you also need to take a variety of regulations and requirements into account. The design of transport packaging in the security community has to meet the requirements of UN certifications, various NEN and quality classes, Mil-specs, STANAG, and so on. It can sometimes seem impossible to design everything in-house, so companies in your sector often call on the assistance of a dedicated packaging partner!

Faes Cases concentrates on providing the optimal protection for your fragile and sensitive equipment by analysing the entire transport and utilisation process. Because we often follow the development of your project from the earliest phases, we can use this as the starting point for our custom solutions.

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You tell us your needs and requirements, and we advise you on the optimal packaging solution. Our consultants have a wealth of experience with the complexity involved in making the best packaging choice. Combined with our own production facilities, this makes Faes Cases the ideal partner for creating successful bespoke cases and boxes. Our proven results speak for themselves:

Wooden packaging

Flight cases for field hospitals

Half 19″ Titanium containers

19″ Rotomoulded Shock Rack

Infinite packaging solutions from one single source

With our knowledge and know-how, we have built up a basic selection of packaging solutions over the years that serves as the creative starting point for your own packaging solution.

Flight cases

SKB 3i series

Defender, aluminium boxes

Feel free to contact Henk, our packaging specialist responsible for the Defence & Emergency Services sector!

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With over 30 years of experience, Faes Cases knows better than almost anyone else in the custom packaging world that everything revolves around quality, know-how and service! These are the cornerstones for your total packaging solution.

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