UN-approval – Transport packaging for dangerous fluids

  • UN transport packaging for dangerous fluids

Transport of dangerous fluids in accordance with current regulations

The transport of dangerous fluids is only allowed with UN approval. Specifically we talk about the approval ‘for the transport of dangerous goods with a low viscosity by road, train, air and water’.

Therefore Faes Cases has created a UN approved solution based on her line of Defender aluminium boxes to safely transport these kinds of fluids. The result is a lightweight, flexible but above all qualitative transport packaging.

Technical properties

  • Suited for glass and plastic bottles up to 1000ml
  • Suited for Packaging Group II en III
  • Developed for sustainable, repeated use
  • Very strong construction in aluminium
  • IP54 Watertight (splashproof)
  • Solid handles
  • Stackable
  • Can be painted in any colour and printed with your logo or text
Article code UN certificate Internal dimensions External dimensions Weight Content
DEF-KA74-001 4B/Y15/S/–/NL/TCPI-FAES-140438 350 x 250 x 310 mm 390 x 290 x 350 mm 3,1 kg 6 bottles
DEF-KA74-004 4B/Y22/S/–/NL/TCPI-FAES-140439 550 x 350 x 310 mm 590 x 390 x 350 mm 5,0 kg 10 bottles
DEF-KA74-005 4B/Y23/S/–/NL/TCPI-FAES-140439 550 x 350 x 380 mm 590 x 390 x 420 mm 5,4 kg 10 bottles
DEF-KA74-005 4B/Y45/S/–/NL/TCPI-FAES-140440 550 x 550 x 380 mm 590 x 590 x 420 mm 6,8 kg 18 bottles

Enormous flexibility

The combination of the different diameters and heights makes that the boxes are usable for a combination of bottles and pots in different dimensions and materials.

The cavities are constructed in a way to somewhat clamp the bottles. Each cavity has multiple levels and is therefore suited for bottles in different diameters.

Qualitative parts

A short explanation on the quality and function of the parts:

  • Every box is equipped with a layer of S22 foam on the bottom and in the lid. The primary interior is built from LD18 foam.
    Specific technical specifications can be requested.
  • There is an absorbing layer between the S22 foam on the bottom and the LD18 interior. This absorbing layer is for industrial use. It ensures a longer lifetime and saves cost. The layer absorbs oils, fuel, water and chemicals in a flash. Moreover the grey color hides moist.

Which bottles or pots?

Both glass and PP bottles and pots are allowed.

Bottles 250 ml Ø 60 mm
500 ml Ø 74 mm
1000 ml Ø 94 mm
Pots 500 ml Ø 89 mm
1000 ml Ø 120 mm

Do you want to be sure your bottles and/or pots are allowed?

Ask our engineers!

aluminium box UN approval dangerous fluids

Searching for UN approved packaging for dangerous fluids?

For more details, help and advice contact Harold Pijs, your coordinator for UN approved packaging for dangerous fluids.
Harold Pijs

Harold Pijs – Head of Inside Sales
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