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Sustainability: Cleaning and repairing packagings

Carlo Leijten Carlo Leijten | 19-06-20 | 10 months ago

Have you considered cleaning and repairing your returnable packagings? By making this sustainable choice, they will be as new and can be used for years to come. And, not unimportantly, a refurbishment prevents shipping issues caused by old address labels and barcodes. Those mistakes are particularly unforgivable when shipping medical equipment. Would you like to know how a returnable packaging can become a true eye catcher for your company?

Reusable packagings have to endure a lot during transport. Damages to the packaging cannot always be prevented. This does not have to be an issue as long as its contents remain complete and undamaged. The product also has to reach the right destination in time. This can be an issue when using returnable packagings. Over time, a case will become covered in remnants of old stickers, barcodes, address labels, other contaminants, shipping documents and tape. This may cause confusion and shipping mistakes, particularly when it involves uncontrolled shippings.

Cleaning and repairing of returnable packagings

It becomes easier to achieve a more sustainable and circular industry if you decide to clean and repair returnable packagings. It increases the lifespan of a packaging, which saves costs, and it contributes to the conservation of valuable resources. It will improve your business image and it prevents delays or potential errors in the shipping process. Without all the sticker remnants, your case will look like new again.

Cleaning your packaging with dry ice

You could consider doing the job yourself with acetone and a scraper, but did you know it is possible to outsource it to a specialist? In a special dry ice blasting cabinet, your packaging is cleaned of dirt and other contaminants by blasting dry ice over its surface. This cleaning process is more eco-friendly, quick and effective. Its contents can usually remain inside the case and you will only have to be without your case for a relatively small amount of time.

Particularly in this day and age

The choice for sustainability is more important than ever. Why should you invest in new packagings, if you can refurbish your existing ones? Returnable packagings are built to last a lifetime, it is such a waste to replace one before its time has come. Besides, this is the time for flip thinking; if exhibitions and trainings are cancelled, this may be the time to refurbish your current exhibition cases, standard cases and flight cases. You will make an even better impression in the future!

Returnable Packaging Service

Faes Cases also offers a service package for cleaning and repairing your cases: The Returnable Packaging Service (RPS). Your returnable packagings are delivered to us, checked for damage and cleaned in our dry ice blasting cabinet. If you wish, we can book you an appointment in our workshop to repair any damage. It is also possible to have the cases cleaned and treated in our advanced clean room, this allows you to insert them directly into your own conditioned space.

When your packagings look like new again, we will send them back to you, store them in our facilities or send them directly to your customer. Whichever you prefer.

Would you like to know more?

Would you like to have your returnable packagings cleaned and repaired? Or would you like to know more about the Returnable Packaging Service? Please contact our packaging expert Carlo Leijten.

Carlo Leijten Carlo Leijten

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