UN approved packaging

To legally transport dangerous goods a UN approved and certified packaging is necessary. Faes Cases offers reusable, off the shelve solutions for e.g. Lithium-ion and dangerous fluids and develops new UN approved packaging solutions.

  • UN-approved lithium ion batteries

Transport of Lithium Ion batteries

The transport of lithium-ion batteries entails certain risks. Anyone who transports them, must meet the transport legislation and this for both domestic and international shipments by land, sea and air.

Faes Cases proposes the most perfect case to transport these ‘dangerous batteries’. The SKB 3i cases with interior have brilliantly passed some performance tests related to the packaging integrity. Once a case has successfully passed all tests, it receives a UN approval and it is permanently marked with a UN certification.

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  • UN transport packaging dangerous fluids

Transport of dangerous fluids

The transport of dangerous fluids is only allowed with UN approval. Specifically we talk about the approval ‘for the transport of dangerous goods with a low viscosity by road, train, air and water’.

Therefore Faes Cases has created a UN approved solution based on her line of Defender aluminium boxes to safely transport these kinds of fluids.

The result is a lightweight, flexible but above all qualitative transport packaging.

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Specific problem

Do you have questions with respect to UN approval and packaging? Or do you have a specific issue? Please contact us. Our advisors can definitely help you.