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Sustainable and reusable packaging in accordance with current regulations!

The transport of lithium-ion batteries entails certain risks. Anyone who transports them, must meet the transport legislation and this for both domestic and international shipments by land, sea and air.

Is a Lithium battery dangerous?

Lithium batteries are part of our daily lives and play a major role in our society. Think of the coin battery in your watch, the battery in your smartphone or your laptop. You can therefore imagine that they are transported in large quantities.

When lithium batteries are damaged, misused, defective, or incorrectly packed, they can overheat and ignite. A great danger therefore, especially in case of transport.

Lithium Ion fire
Source: The Epoch Times


Lithium batteries make use of various chemical processes in order to ensure maximum performance. They are therefore classified as a dangerous goods and with a UN number. With this number you can determine what type of packaging is necessary, based the regulation. The UN number is also attached to a desired transport mode.

Faes Cases proposes the most perfect case to transport these ‘dangerous batteries’. The SKB 3i cases with interior have brilliantly passed some performance tests related to the packaging integrity. Once a case has successfully passed all tests, it receives a UN approval and it is permanently marked with a UN certification!

“3i Series Injection Molded Mil-Standard Waterproof cases”

With its continuous innovation SKB aims to offer their customers the highest quality of protection transport. The “3i Series” cases have been designed and developed to meet the strictest standards. They are airtight and waterproof, lightweight but durable. They are cast from extremely strong polyproplene copolymer resin, with a gasket, and resistant to corrosion and impact damage. All these features combined, SKB created the perfect case for transport of Lithium-Ion batteries.

Do you also need a sustainable, reusable packaging with UN approval?

Contact Bart Burmanje, your coordinator for Lithium Ion packaging with UN approval.

Bart Burmanje

Bart Burmanje – Sales manager
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To help you to get a good view on what it entails to transport Lithium-Ion batteries according to the current UN-regulations, we have created an infographic of which a “preview” is showed below. Do you want to receive a larger version of the infographic? Please leave your contact details and we will send it to you!

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