Cleaning & Repairs

  • Reinigen en repareren

Shipment can often take its toll on your packaging, and it’s almost impossible to avoid a bit of damage along the way. In fact, that is really what the packaging is there for, as long as the product inside reaches its destination in once piece. But even if the packaging arrives without a scratch, it will still be covered in tape, adhesive residues and shipment documents.

More and more of our clients are therefore taking advantage of our cleaning and repair services as part of the ‘Returnable Packaging Service’. Faes Cases cleans your packaging in a special facility, where we use high-pressure dry ice particles to remove any dirt from the exterior. This is not only a fast and effective method, it is also environmentally friendly.

Dry ice sandblasting

In dry ice sandblasting, particles of dry ice are sprayed through a high pressure nozzle to clean the exterior surfaces of your packaging. The cleaning effect is based on three factors:

  • Impact: the compressed air accelerates the dry ice particles to create a large transfer of kinetic energy.

  • Thermal shock: the difference in temperature between the surface being treated and the dry ice results in the creation of microscopic fractures in the layer to be removed, which makes it easier to clean.

  • Micro-explosion: at the moment the dry ice particle touches the surface to be treated, it is converted into a gas, which creates a lifting effect that helps remove the dirt.

When necessary, your packaging is then sent to our production workshop for repairs.


  • Reduce costs by extending the life of your durable packaging.

  • Enhance the appearance of your company property.

  • Reduce the risk of shipping mistakes.

  • Environmentally friendly procedure

  • Able to clean cases and boxes of any size or construction material.

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