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Advanced clean room in-house

Faes Cases has its own advanced in-house clean room to provide optimal cleaning services and keep contamination to a minimum. This allows you to immediately use our packages in your own conditioned facilities.

We can also provide disassembly services in our clean room. These components can be provided by you, or we can produce or purchase them directly, so that Faes Cases can take even more work off your hands.
The Faes Cases clean room complies with ISO 14644-1 standards and the ISO 7 classification.

  • You receive your packaging free from contamination with micro-organisms, fine particulates and chemical vapours.

  • This allows you to eliminate a step in your logistical process, because you can receive the packaging clean room-ready, saving you time and effort.

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LD45 – Custom cleanroom foam at Faes Cases

Next to packaging we also deliver your custom LD45 foam. Tell us what you need and we will take care of the best solution.

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ld45 cleanroom foam