Returnable Packaging Service (RPS)

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Save space, money and time and let us manage your packages and organise the logistical processes around them more efficiently by taking advantage of our bespoke Returnable Packaging Service (RPS).

What is RPS?
RPS is a collection of services that can be combined to precisely meet your needs and requirements. Frequently used packaging is returned to Faes Cases in accordance with a standard procedure. Upon arrival, they are inspected for damage, the exterior is cleaned in our dry ice cabin (environmentally friendly), and repaired if necessary. The packages can also be cleaned in our advanced clean room, after which they can be immediately used in your own conditioned facilities.

Once they have been cleaned and repaired, they can be returned to the sender, shipped to a new destination or placed in inventory at Faes Cases to be used for the next shipment. By calculating the most efficient number of packages needed in your logistical chain, Faes Cases can always guarantee immediate availability and 100% progress in logistics.