• Track and trace

Know more about your transport than even your transporter can tell you!

PackStatus® is an intelligent combination of GPS and sensoring devices, a data subscription and a webportal. In essence, PackStatus® makes a package interactive, so that users can maintain continuous control over everything that happens to their products. PackStatus® not only provides track & trace technology, but also detailed monitoring of the environment and conditions to which the shipment is exposed, including temperature, vibrations, falls, light, humidity and much more. The system works autonomously, so it doesn’t matter which transport company is carrying the products.

PackStatus® often knows more about the location of a package than the transporter itself!

Follow your shipments real-time, around the world

PackStatus® enables you to follow transport in real time, and to know exactly where your products are located. Using detailed road maps, the user can view the shipment’s current location, as well as the route it has followed. This information is also recorded, giving the user access to valuable input for the evaluation and optimisation of logistical operations.

Trade proactively

In addition, PackStatus® monitors all of the circumstances that occur during transport that could potentially damage the contents. These include temperature variations, potholes or customs agents unexpectedly opening or inspecting the packaging. By constantly measuring and reporting these potentially harmful factors, PackStatus® can inform the user immediately if something threatens to go wrong.

  • Temperature (temperature controlled chains)

  • Movement, vibration and shocks

  • Air pressure

  • Light (in lux)

  • Humidity

  • Open/closed

During transport, it can act specifically to prevent or correct issues and keep them from happening again. All sensor data can be analysed afterwards, so that the user can see exactly what went wrong.

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