Online Proofing

  • Online Proofing

Online proofing accelarates and simplifies the approval of your drawings.

Almost all orders of Faes Cases are tailor made solutions. This means that our designer makes a proposal of how the packaging solution is going to look like. This is presented to our customers who can give their approval or can make their remarks.

Faes Cases uses Online Proofing. With this webbased solution the approval of the drawings is speed up and is more simple, resulting in a shorter delivery time and a better quality..

What does online proofing exactly mean?

Online proofing is a webbased way of approving drawings. One or more people within your organization receive an email with a link, which they can open seperately. You see the proposal of the designers of Faes Cases. You and / or your colleagues can approve the drawings or can make your comments. The designers of Faes Cases implement them in a new drawing, which will be sent once more for approval. This leads to an optimal certainty that you know exactly what you will get.

What are the advantages of online proofing?

  • If several people within your organisation have to approve the proposal, an internal meeting is no longer necessary. Every one can approve or make comments at the time and place which is suited best. This saves a lot of time.
  • No heavy attachments through your e-mail, so no extra burdening of your network.
  • It is no longer possible to have several versions, which can lead to complex situations, since there is only one file.
  • You don’t have to save copies of declined drawings.
  • All corrections and correction phases are saved, so you can always have access to changes which are made.
  • You don’t need special software to use the online proofing.

In short, Faes Cases offers you the certainty of a flawless process and saves you a lot of time.

Have you received an email with an Online Proofing request, than you can download the instruction leaflet here.