Logistic services

  • Logistieke dienstverlening

A wide range of logistical services

A succinct definition of logistics is ‘getting the right things, in the right amount, to the right place, at the right time, for the lowest possible cost’. With that in mind, transport is only part of the logistical services we offer.

Storage, JIT deliveries and return flows

In addition to designing and producing packaging solutions, Faes Cases offers a package of services that provides not only transport, but also storage, JIT deliveries and return flows. Whatever your company needs to complete a project, we can offer the right solution for the job, ranging from simple deliveries to your company to complex, custom, regularly occurring processes.

For example, we often notice in projects that clients are not happy about receiving a series of packages that they must then forward to several different destinations. This situation is especially common with demo cases. In order to take work off our clients’ hands, we can send the products straight to their final destinations, instead of to your main office.