Customer | Boels, reputable rental company

Boels Rental is one of the most reputable rental companies in Europe when it comes to the rental of machinery, tools, units and catering and events equipment. Machine Rental is and remains the core business of Boels Rental. Boels rents the most modern and latest machinery and tools from nearly 300 offices in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland and Italy. They have their own branches, but also many shop-in-shops, for example a rental counter in a DIY market.

Packaging challenge | 1 case for different rental compositions

Being a rental specialist, Boels must ensure that the products are being transported flawless from point A to point B. From their establishment ‘Boels Geo & Safety’ they asked Faes Cases to propose a packaging solution within the proposed budget for their whole fleet of portophones. These sets are rented in different compositions.

Packaging solution | Removable interior

Faes Cases has proposed its A-brand case FWA-H with fixed foam interior in the bottom part with a removable foam tray on top. The fixed part contains the components that are required in each set composition, while the removable foam tray contains the ever changing parts. So per rental demand a set is precisely compiled for that one customer.