Ministry of Defence NL


Ministry of Defence consists of Marine, ground forces, air forces, gendarmerie, command servicecentre and Defence Material Orgnisation (DMO). In this case it concerns a project of DMO. They are responsible for all defence equipment. From purchase, via maintenance to repulsion. DMO also takes care of internal equipment policy.

Packaging challenge

The radarantenna, to determine the position is a part of the F16-je. These are extremely valuable and sensitive parts. In history DMO used a wooden box to transport the radarantenna. This resulted in big risks of course that products would arrive its destination damaged. DMO was looking for an alternative to minimize the chance of a DOA (dead-on-arrival).

Packaging solution

Faes Cases adviced an SKB 3R plastic box. This polypropylene box is produced via roto-moulding. This makes the box indestructible, since the corners are strengthened. This box is suitable for all kind of tough applications, like air, water and dust tightened. The radarantenna is mounted on a wooden construction with handles, to easily insert in and remove from the box. To prevent impacts to the fullest while transporting the construction is mounted on a resilient bottom plate with advanced clamps. Conclusion: A very big improvement.