Customer | Sanoco, customized wall systems

Sanoco is a developer and manufacturer of innovative, original products for the construction business. The range consists of more than 25,000 products , from hinges and locks, door and window shields , to electrical wall plates and related products. Sanoco is the partner for every façade builder and manufacturer of metal windows or doors looking for a solution for architectural hardware.

Packaging challenge | New corporate identity, new presentation tools

Previously, account managers of Sanoco carried a box containing a variety of door knobs and door handles to present to the customer. To improve the presentation and appearance of the company Sanoco has worked with an advertising agency and developed a completely new corporate identity. This obviously incorporates new presentation tools. The company therefore looked for a solution to present their products in a beautiful and convenient way, integrating the new corporate identity.

Packaging solution | Eyecatcher with striking print

To solve the problem of packing on Sanoco a FSP case is chosen. This is a nicely designed plastic case that is ideal for product presentations and sales purposes. In order to present the products properly, there is a double tailor -made foam interior , of which the upper part can be taken out. The door handles are placed in these two layers making it possible to present all products together. The case is a real eyecatcher by the striking print that fits perfectly in the new corporate identity of Sanoco .