Pure Care


Pure Care is a brand of the co operating pharmacists. This is a cosmetics brand of facial care with products for cleaning and caring the face of every type of skin. Exclusively available at pharmacists.

Packaging challenge

Products of Pure Care were packed in a pink showcase. This was a carton box and the 13 products were packed pretty neatly at first sight. But gradually more and more complaints arose of the regional managers. The products were not fixed and fell out the box. In addition because the box was used intensively the box got dented a lot. But for the merchandisers a good packaging was crucial to make a good impression with the customers (pharmacists) an alternative had to be created at full-speed.

Packaging solution

Faes Cases came to the rescue. It was clear that a sturdy but fancy showcase in which the products don’t fall out, was required. Therefore a chique transparant plastic case had been chosen with a print of the logo ‘Pure Care’. The 13 products are shown in a white foam interior, divided in the bottompart and the lid.