Philips does not need any introduction. In this case it concerns department Philips Lighting. Philips Lighting is main supplier of innovative, energysaving, light solutions and applications for home and public places.

Packaging challenge

Philips has got a new product: The Actilume color. This is an energysaving lighting control system, which is able to create dynamic and static colour effects. Customers are mainly architects, who focuses on both business and consumer market. There is basically only one way to really show the effects of light. This is with a true working demonstration tool. The Actilume color has got three different options, which all need to be workable.

Packaging solution

Profile case Heavy Duty is the basis to be able to fulfill the customer’s wishes. This is the perfect combination of an optimal protection and a superb presentation. On the side there is a provision for the power supply to create a workable demonstration. All 3 options are integrated in the bottompart and the ‘lightshow’ can be seen in the lid part. the lid can be erected completely for an even better impression.