Philips ToBeTouched

Customer | Philips Lightning

Philips does not need any introduction. In this case it concerns department Philips Lighting. Philips Lighting is main supplier of innovative, energysaving, light solutions and applications for home and public places.

Packaging challenge | Interactive user interface on location

Again Philips has good an innovation. This time it is ‘ToBeTouched userinterface. With the interface you can create your own atmosphere, which you think is appropriate at that moment. For a decent introduction Philips had the need for an extra marketing tool, with which a demonstration can be given, despite the location for both internal and external customers. These demonstrations will occur in all settings; think of product training, product introduction events, sales meetings and customer visits.

Packaging solution | High-end case with system integration

In mutual consultation between customer and sales force of Faes Cases model FBW-AZKE had been chosen. This is a profile case, which complies perfectly to the high-end image of the ToBeTouched. By simply connecting the power supply at the provision at the back of the case, a demonstration can be given right away. The ToBeTouched family consists of 3 types. All types are mounted in the case, of which the type with the highest specification can be demonstrated. Also there is a slot at the right side of the case, in which a CD-rom can be placed with all relevant information for the customer.
On behalf of Philips, Albert Fokkens is really impressed by the co-operation with Faes Cases. A fruitful, quick and open communication resulted in the product which exceeded the expectations, showing the feedback Philips receives.