Customer | Niko, solutions for switching materials

Niko is marketleader in Belgium in the field of wall switches up to light and entrance control. Alle products are produced in Belgium. Niko has got secondaries in France, Holland, Slovakia and Spain.

Packaging challenge | Wanted: presentation tool with large image

Considering the image of Niko is changing towards a trendsetter, a need arises for a new presentation method which connects to the image. An extensive marketingplan is the basis. Clear assingment was to develop a presentation tool which complies to the requirements for both the trade and end-user.

Packaging solution | Progressive case design

Instantly for the trade 8 design sketches were presented with different styles. Based on the proposasl decision was made to go for a progressive, yet traditional design. A hylite cover with foam (countersunk). Herewith traditional materials are used in a new way. Niko receives very good response. For the customer a display was developed, which will be located in the shops. These projects are performed in cooperation with FPC-beyond packaging. Read here more about FPC.