Nlisis Chromatography


Nlisis is active in the world of laboratory equipment, with the empasis on the development of instruments for chromatography. This technique is used in laboratories to determine the exact composition of substances by means of segregation. Recently Nlisis has developed a new product, the Melfit One.

Packaging challenge

Develop a storing device for the Melfit One which connects smoothly to the marketing vision and branding of Nlisis. Design and ergonomics are important ingredients. The packaging should also function as a mobile working unit.

Packaging solution

Packaging is an integrated part of the product. A few proposals, resulted in a laptop-model, since product is used frequently in laboratories in which space is limited. A bull’s eye!!. This appears in the design prices received for the product, a.o. the Design Management Award 2008. This project is performed in cooperation with FPC-beyond packaging. Read more about FPC.