Philips Healthcare


Philips Healthcare is a leading manufacturer of innovative medical devices. To educate (new) employees of Philips and hospital specialists training centres are present in Best (headquartered in the Netherlands ), Singapore and the United States (Cleveland). Every year 10,000 people are trained here. A large part of the students is educated in the training centres, but also in local hospitals. In total there are 78 trainers working for Philips Healthcare.

Packaging challenge

Philips Healthcare has developed a new system for cardiology. To take full advantage of this innovative new system, training of people is necessary. In order to be able to deliver education in the training centres in Singapore or the United States , in the past training systems were flown in together with the employee(s),
accompanied by an instructor to install the systems.

Because this could be done more efficiently Philips needs a kind of “Plug ‘ n Play” solution. This can save the cost of hiring an instructor , and it provides the possibility to train people all over the world.

Packaging solution

Faes Cases designed the “Plug ‘ n Play” solution . The package containing the training equipment provides four workstations. Each workstation consists of 2 screens. The 8 screens are on a tripod and the outer side can be folded so that extra working space is created. All this has been fitted in a construction that is as compact as possible.

The upper part of the flight case consists of two parts, one person can easily remove these parts .
In the lower part there are 4 computers. Of course, this is also thought through regarding the air intake and exhaust. The packaging is equipped with TSA locks. The content is thus secured, and at the same time customs can check the packaging without destroying or harming it. In short, a new system for Philips that saves a lot of time and money and benefits the quality of training.