Min. of Defense – MGLC


A unit of the Ministry of Defence is MGLC (Health logistical centre). MGLC in Heerenveen delivers farmaceutical products, military health equipment and medical equipment. MGLC contributes to a optimum health care of the Dutch army around the globe in every situation.

Packaging challenge

The operational units of the ministry of Defence had the urgent need for a standard of the Corpuls (patient monitoring system) and a durable transport packaging for both the standard and the Corpuls. Since the corpuls need to be operational in a small setting, the starting point should be that packaging and corpuls should be integrated. In addition to the Corpuls and the standard, the packaging also need to equip a suction device, infusion standard, oxygen supply and several consumables. The total unit also need to be portable clear and simple and be made operational instantly. When the Corpuls in mounted at a deconnected charger during charger, the battery will discharge.

Packaging solution

FPC (www.fpc-beyondpackaging.com) has made the genial design in close corporation with MGLC. Faes Cases has produced the product. The box consists of 2 separate parts, which can be connected back-to-back in the upright position. On the fron part all equipment is present necessary for monitoring the patient.The Corpuls can be adjusted to eye-height to improve working conditions. In the back part the oxygen bottle is stored, which also don’t need to be in sight, and takes care of the stability of the compact solution. According the law this bottle cannot be transported together with the monitoring system. That’s why the box can be made so compact. In addition a separate hanging ‘click’ system has been designed for the monitoring system. In that way the Corpuls don’t need be transported on the charger. Of course the box is equipped with wheels and pull handle. Also side handles are mounted for easy handling.