Medtronic is worlwide marketleader in the field of medical technology and helps millions of people around the globe reduce pain, recovering health en lengthen life. Medtronic is specialised in treatment of cardiovascular diseases by means of pacemakers, defribillator, balloon catheter and stents.

Packaging challenge

In the medical world it is real important that new products are presented efficient, but thoroughly to the specialists who needs to work with the equipment eventually. Therefore they need a packaging for innovations to be able to give trainings to the specialist and demonstrations on trade shows. The packaging need to fulfill the highest requirments in the medical world.

Packaging solution

Faes Cases adviced a flight case (Type: Flightcase Heavy), but not an ordindary one. Almost all aspects of this flightcase are specially designed. Think only of the high-quality drawers and wheels, but also a ramp for the hart-longue machine. This one is made of aluminium with a special anti-slip coating. Under the flightcase omegaprofiles are mounted making it possible to transport the flightcase with a forklift without the chance of sliding off.