Brabant Water


Brabant Water supplies drinking water of the highest quality to the 2.4 million inhabitants of Brabant (province of The Netherlands). To ensure continuity of supply the pipeline must be maintained and sometimes replaced. During this work, it may be that customers temporarily have no access to water. To alleviate the discomfort Brabant Water has developed a contemporary tap with focus on the customer and information supply. By placing the tap during their maintenance work Brabant Water gives the customer the opportunity to still access drinking water which alleviates the inconvenience.

The tap is also used at events and festivals where durability and / or sports play a central role . In this manner, Brabant Water promotes the drinking of tap water.

The body of the tap is made of plastic and the ‘foot’ is made of steel. There are also a number of accessories like a stand pipe for connection to the pipe network and faucets for filling bottles and / or buckets.

Packaging challenge

Brabant Water wants to pack these products in a proper manner so that no damage can occur during transportation and storage. Therefore, they contacted Faes Cases to think about a packaging solution that meets the following conditions :

  • Water-resistant ;
  • Weight must comply with the Occupational Health and Safety
  • Easy to move (wheels / forklift truck )
  • Possiblity to do repairs
  • Aluminium plates inside for work instruction (sticker)
  • Ventilation options to prevent mold

Packaging solution

Brabant Water has approached Faes Cases for this project. After a thorough intake interview where the above conditions were discussed, Faes Cases went to work with a number of solutions that are briefly discussed below.

Base plate

Because the base plate is enormously heavy and large , Faes Cases uses a customized flight case . In particular, the size of the base plate made that no standard packaging could be applied .

The flight case is equipped with wheels and a pull handle to make the flight case rollable. Of course enough handles were applied around the case to make sure that the flight case can be lifted with at least two people. In order to ensure impermeability to water, locking profiles with a rubber seal are used and the inside of the flight case has been made completely water-resistant by applying a polyester layer. There are also grills installed for ventilation, since the product is always a little moistly when packed after use.

The interior consists of plastic adapter parts made of POM material, in which the base plate can be placed in two ways. On which side of the flight case you place the footplate in the case, it always fits!

Standpipe with accessories

For the standpipe, the associated hoses and valves and other accessories we have found a perfect solution in our SKB offering: the SKB 3R 3214-15B -E . This box has built-in wheels and a pull out handle by default. Furthermore, the SKB 3R box is waterproof. Again, the interior plastic adapter parts were made of POM material. The valves are attached to the inside of the side wall of the box by means of tool clamps. The hoses can remain attached to the valves and can be put around the standpipe in the box. For small loose parts a separate case is provided.


The plastic housing was the biggest challenge. This housing was already in a very thick nylon bag which offered sufficient protection in itself. Only problem: transporting it was very hard. Faes Cases used a customized flight case insert box (virtually only a bottom part ). In this box we installed a foam cushioning in every corner. This makes that everything fits tightly in the box.

The inside of this box is also provided with a polyester layer as described above and the foam parts are made water-resistant.


Creating the design of these flightcase we took the (interior) size of the vans of Brabant Water into account. The entire set can be transported in the aisle of the vans of Brabant Water.