ASML is a Dutch hightec company and one of the most important suppliers of machines for semi-conductor industrie; Steppers and scanners in particular. Almost all chip producers are ASML customer. The company produces complex machines, which are crucial for the production of IC’s or chips.

Packaging challenge

Machines of ASML are spread all over the world and are used in a cleanroom environment where hardly any dust particle can be present. These machines need regularly maintenance, repair or installation. It is crucial that the tools needed, are transported in a way that they can be used in a cleanroom. If tools contains dust, would mean that there is a big chance the machine does not function properly, which costs tons of money.

Packaging solution

Faes Cases has produced a double-packaging. The tools are packed in ‘normal’ profile case. But this case is pakced completely in a container with isolated walls. The container has got cooling plates as well to contain an acceptable temperature of the tools. This heavy lid is equipped with gas springs, to make an easier opening possible. It also keeps the lid in an upright position. Omega profiles are mounted under the container to make it possible to transport the container with a forklift, without the chance of the container sliding off.