ITHO make sure that people can live and work in a pleasant way. With renewed solutions in climate systems. Solutions for temperature, clean air and hot water in your residential. Comfortable and healthy living can be combined with lower us of energy. ITHO is showing this over and over. All technology and innovations have that in mind at all times.

Packaging challenge

One of many products of ITHO is the aquamax, the new standard for energysaving and userfriendly combi boilers. ITHO was lookinf for a service box for the aquamax with spare parts fot the combi boilers. This service box is used by third party service- and intstallation mechanics. It was important that it was a solid box, in which the content and the box itself will not get damaged while working and transport. In addition ITHO wants to create a corporate identity and the box is integrated in the whole concept…the aquamax

Packaging solution

Faes Cases chooses to advice a non-standard material, who covers all requirements…. EPP (Expandable PolyPropylene). This material gives you a solid, but especially a strong absorbing case. The material dents, but returns to its old shape afterwards. In addition, because of the material, it is also a very lightweight case, preventing excessive weight tot be carried. A nice combination of userfriendliness and reliability.
The aquamax has got a EPP-cover for extra isolation as well, emphasized by the EPP case. Another advantage of EPP is freedom of form, giving ITHO the possibility to create an own design, up to colour and locks without large expenses for a new mould.