Elisabeth hospital

Customer | St. Elisabeth hospital Tilburg

St. Elisabeth Hospital Tilburg is a large clinical training hospital with a wide range of specialist medical care. A total of 28 specializations are housed there. St. Elisabeth Hospital is the first non-academic hospital in the southern Netherlands with a Level 3 Intensive Care. This is the highest level of quality for Intensive Care. The hospital has 34 IC beds. The St. Elisabeth Hospital is also trauma center for the region, therefore patients from other hospitals are regularly referred to the ICU of this hospital.

Packaging challenge | Information case for children

The staff, both medical and pedagogical, sought a case to inform, reassure and help children of patients. They noticed that it often happens on IC that a child is kept away from her mother/father/grandfather/grandmother because it can be quite ‘scary’ to see someone lying there; while it could possibly be the last time that they can see him/her.

Packaging solution | Case with interior design and printing

Faes Cases has donated a personalized FWA-J case with interior design and printing to the IC department. The case contains tubes, syringes and color pages so that the staff of the Intensive Care can prepare children in a playful way to, for example, seeing their dad having a tube in his nose and being connected to a lot of equipment. This way the children can still see their father, without being too scared or getting nightmares.