Assembléon produces pick and place machines. This is capital for mounting electronical components on a printplate. Headquarter of this company is in Veldhoven (near Eindhoven) with secondaries in Atlanta, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Packaging challenge

Assembléon had problems with cleaning the outside of the flightcases. Because of frequent use they were all covered with stickers, which enlarges the chance of shipping errors. First Assembléon tried to remove the stickers themselves with scrapers and adhesive removers. This requires a lot of time and this is a pretty unhealthy task.

Packaging solution

Faes Cases introduced an arbofriendly cleaning procedure. The flightcases are refurbished mechanically, so no health risks. Before the flightcases are refurbhished, they are inspected. Possible defects are repaired immediately. Result is that the flightcases are clean and ready for use again. This lengthens the life of the flightcases, which brings considerable savings.