Belgian Air Force


One part of the Belgian Defence organisation is the Belgian Air Force. This project has been carried out for the department F16 fighter planes which is divided into several squadrons.

Packaging challenge

The Belgian Air Force needed sturdy boxes that can be used for the packaging of protective equipment for stationary positioning of F16 fighter planes. These F16 fighter planes contain very valuable and sensitive parts that need to be packed in the right way. In the past the Belgian Air Force used another type of box, but was now searching for an improved replacement for these boxes. Components are packed in the boxes that are necessary for the protection of the turbine and antennas of the F16 fighter. So it goes without saying that the Belgian Air Force needs robust boxes so no damage can occur to these items.

Packaging solution

Faes Cases has selected the SKB Roto-X plastic box for this project. This strong box is made via roto-molding technology and is suitable for applications in harsh environments.

To easily move the box it has been equipped with two sliders and a wheel-kit. The interior of the boxes is equipped with a custom five-space-divider of plywood for the structured and buffered storage of these essential materials. In addition there are two SKB padlocks supplied with every box. In the interests of safety and visibility fluorescent strips are applied to all sides of the box.