27Jun 2019

Cases with a built-in playstation and television screen are a hit among famous sports heroes such as Max Verstappen and Lionel Messi. Corné van de Voort explains how he helped […]

13Mar 2019

Is your company still spending too much time on non-core activities and does it disrupt your production process? If so, you may want to strive for an optimal flow and […]

04Mar 2019

Many purchasers feel they are only allowed to join the product development at the very last minute. Under time pressure, they do whatever they can, but it is an aggravating […]

18Feb 2019

After a quote approval, your engineer will contact ours to discuss the details of the packaging design. As a purchaser, you will only be involved sideways. Would you like to […]

04Feb 2019

SKB Norway is a fact!

February 4, 2019
SKB Norway

SKB Europe recently opened a new storage location in Norway. This location will ensure that SKB Europe can deliver its customers much faster. This means that the service level is […]

24Jan 2019
SKB Case in Water

SKB is our number one choice when it comes to water and dust-free cases or racks. This family business is a reliable partner for obvious reasons: Continuous innovation To be […]