08Apr 2021
Voordelen licht verpakken in de medische sector

In the medical sector, special requirements are placed on suppliers, for instance with regard to the packaging of medical devices, instruments and accessories. Getting equipment to the right place at […]

08Apr 2021
Elfa Faes

At Elfa, the third generation has already taken over the helm of the family business. For over 100 years they have been experts in the field of A-brand lighting, primary and secondary batteries for customers in the industrial (OEM) and institutional sectors. Elfa has acquired a unique leading position in […]

08Apr 2021
Miranda Hopstaken

“I’m quite a remarkable CFO. Surprisingly, I don’t talk much about figures.” Miranda Hopstaken was appointed as Faes’ new CFO at the end of last year. With her broad orientation, […]

19Jun 2020
Duurzaam verpakken

Have you considered cleaning and repairing your returnable packagings? By making this sustainable choice, they will be as new and can be used for years to come. And, not unimportantly, […]

20May 2020
Shorter supply chains

Holland is slowly restarting; albeit in a new reality. For a long time, practically everything remained immobile, except for the creativity of some entrepreneurs, which grew at an explosive rate! […]