14Jun 2018

CaseCreator, online since 2013, is a tool that we keep developing at Faes Cases. Our Online Marketeer Frank van Roij is in the lead here. Together with his colleagues he enthusiastically and steadily builds further on this webtool to design and order cases and interiors completely online: “You could ask yourself whether it doesn’t bite […]

02Jun 2018

On the one hand you want to explain yourself in a fascinating and lively way when you are training people. On the other hand you want to make sure everything is easy to handle and arrives together and in 1 piece at the destination. That is why we provide solutions for customers to train people […]

12May 2018

SKB never stops!

May 12, 2018

Many of our customers already use the indestructible and user friendly SKB Cases. SKB is a strong and reliable partner for us. What we especially like about them is that they never seem to stop and are continuously looking for possibilities to improve. More than 50 sizes This year again a couple of sizes have […]

19Mar 2018

Carlo Leijten is one of our account managers and the packaging specialist for the medical segment. Especially in this segment the grip on products in the logistical network is crucial. Therefore he has a pioneering role in the area of real-time tracking & tracing of sustainable packaging, using our PackStatus service. Innovation equals exploring. That […]

07Mar 2018

Every case has a lid, it’s as simple as that. Yet the lid is a part of the case that is not always fully used, especially when we talk about presentation cases. When people ask us to help them with the presentation of their products, the way we use the lid often surprises them. A […]

01Mar 2018

An introduction..

March 1, 2018

Recently we welcomed two new colleagues to our team. You might be in touch with them pretty soon. They will introduce themselves to you:

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