Volume reduction

Reduction as packaging requirement

Faes Cases takes the weight and volume of packaging seriously. Our engineers keep that in mind during the design process. Making packaging lighter not only reduces transport costs, it also helps reduce CO2 emissions. Volume and weight reduction are increasingly important elements of packaging requirements.

Volume reduction in cardboard packaging

Volume reduction is a common issue for single-use packaging. Major retailers that need to pack products in all shapes and sizes often prefer to use standard cardboard boxes in multiple formats. This can be an inexpensive solution, but ‘packaging air’ may eventually become an expensive source of waste if the number of cubic metres becomes a variable in shipping costs.

Reusable packaging reduces weight and volume

Although reusable packaging needs to be more robust than single-use packaging, it may offer significant benefits over the long term. When clients need to limit the weight of the shipment, we generally recommend using an aluminium box. This can limit the volume by positioning the contents as compactly as possible by assembling the components or using several layers.

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