Foam interior

Most common material

    Foam interior

  • Most common material for an interior
  • Divided in 2 categories. Polyurethane & Polyethylene
  • Different techniques, like waterjetcutting, milling and punching

A foam interior is most common as an interior. Depending on the products and application we can advise your the best foam. Foam is available in all kinds of material and dimensions, like flame retardant and anti-statical, but mainly it can be divided in 2 categories. .Polyurethane foams which are in general pretty soft and the Polyethelene, which are harder. Within each group a variety of types are available, based on colour, structure, hardness and closeness. To advise you best which foam to use we need information of the products which need to be packed and the application. Dimensions, weight, fragility of the products are important factors. How intensively is the packaging used and in what way will it be transported (car, plane, train) are also important questions.


There are also several ways how the foam can be fabricated.

  1. Most common principle is waterjet cutting, with which real secure contours can be made, but the height need to be filled. This technique is possible for all foams and is best priced (especially for small quantities).
  2. Milling can be done with different height and the result is really professional. Mililng is only possible with hard foam. Also punching is a possibility. With this technique the foam is punched in one go. consequence is that height differences need to be filled.

In addition to these techniques, you have also got the possibility to flock the interior afterwards. With this finishing you will get a fabric look, which for some presenation purposes can bring an added value to the products shown.

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