Interiors with countless functions and benefits

Interieur schuim
It’s not enough just to have a case or box to present and transport your products… you also need to pay attention to the interior! The right interior can provide countless functions and benefits. It can keep your products in place during transport, help you organise them for a presentation, and keep them stored for handy use. There are several types of materials used to create interiors: plastic, EPP and wooden compartments, but the most commonly used interior material is foam.

There are several types of foam, which can generally be divided into two categories: soft (polyurethane) and hard (polyethylene). We would be happy to advise you the right type of foam or other interior materials for your product, depending on the application and how intensively the case or box will be used and transported. Flight cases also use foam as an interior material in order to buffer the goods in transport. For presentation cases, the interior must serve both functional and aesthetic purposes.

Foam interiors

Foam interiors can come in all shapes and sizes. We can help you with advice on the best type of foam (polyurethane or polyethylene) to use for your product and application.
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EPP interiors

An EPP interior is ideal for storing or transporting tools and machines, as EPP is absorbent, insulating and resistant to acids and oils.
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Plastic interiors

Plastic interiors are highly hygienic and durable, easy to clean and available in a wide range of colours. Plastic interiors can be delivered in almost any shape or size.
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Compartment interiors can be produced from a wide range of materials. Wood, plastic, cloth, cardboard, etc.: anything is possible! You can also adjust the layout of the compartments as needed.
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LD45 – Cleanroom foam

LD45 foam is the foam that is most often used in the cleanroom at the moment, for example in the mechatronics industry.

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webshops The Faes Cases webshop supplies packaging solutions with bespoke advice, engineering and production for B2B projects. If you only need a few case interiors, you can use to design your perfect case with your own custom interior, for delivery within 5 working days.