Custom Flight Cases

Flightcase op maat

Custom flight case

You tell us what your needs and requirements are, and we can design the right flight case for you. Our consultants have a wealth of experience with the complexity involved in making the best packaging choice. Combined with our own production facilities, this makes Faes Cases the ideal partner for creating successful flight cases.

Kwalitatieve onderdelen voor flightcase

High-quality hardware

Based on your input, we select the best panel materials and parts. Whether your flight case has to be 6 metres long, made of special lightweight panel material and suitable for transporting the most exclusive, expensive equipment,… Faes Cases has a solution for you, as we’ve proven time and again over the past 30 years!

Onderhoud en herstel van flightcases

Maintenance and repairs

A flight case is not intended for one-time use; it is a durable packaging that will travel many kilometres over its lifespan. That means it will collect quite a few airport stickers, but also some damage. Extend the life of your flight case! Have it cleaned and repaired regularly!

Flight cases, the mother of all boxes

The construction of flight boxes makes them extremely solid and sturdy. Faes Cases builds custom flight cases, and can therefore offer a high degree of flexibility with regard to the colours, dimensions and materials, as well as the applications the flight case will be used for. Whether it needs wheels or must be able to carry 1,000 kilos, anything is possible!

Custom flight cases are also often equipped with bespoke interiors. In one case, a beam attached at a critical point might be all that is needed to buffer the products during transport, while another might need a foam interior in order to protect small parts and hold them in place.

Custom flight case: 3 types

Flightcase Light

Flight case Base

The Base is Faes Cases’ entry-level model. This type of flight case is sturdy, but is produced with thinner panels than other types (7mm) and fitted with lighter hinges and locks.

  1. Specifications Flight case Base
    Lid panel and bottom panel thickness 7 mm
    Side panel thickness 10 mm
    L + W + H = 1,5 – 1,9 m
    Edge strip 30 x 30 mm
    Max. load 40 kg
Flightcase solid

Flight case Solid

The Solid by Faes Cases is the flight case for frequent transport. This case is therefore fitted with thicker panels (10mm) for the lid, bottom and sides. The hinges and locks are the same as the Base version.

  1. Specifications Flight case Solid
    Lid panel and bottom panel thickness 10 mm
    Side panel thickness 10 mm
    L + W + H = 1,9 – 2,2 m
    Edge strip 30 x 30 mm
    Max. load 50 kg
Flightcase Rock

Flight case Rock

The Rock by Faes Cases is designed for the roughest applications: full 10mm panels, thicker edge strips, and sturdier hinges and locks. No matter what shape or size item you need to transport, the Rock can handle it…

  1. Specifications Flight case Rock
    Lid panel and bottom panel thickness 10 mm
    Side panel thickness 10 mm
    L + W + H > 2,2 m
    Edge strip 35 x 35 mm
    Max. load > 50 kg

Endless possibilities from one single source

We step into your shoes and thoroughly familiarise ourselves with your business before we start looking for a solution that meets your needs. Our proven results speak for themselves:

A flight case for every application

Our specialism is applicable to many other sectors as well.
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