Building Faes Cases

Faes Cases Hamelendijk 2, 5541 RA Reusel, Holland

Postbus 209, 5540 AE Reusel, Holland

KvK: Eindhoven 61705063
BTW: NL8544.54.512.B01


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Faes Cases BVBA Diamantstraat 8/327,

2200 Herentals

PRP: Antwerpen 0461393366
BTW: BE0461393366

Contact persons

You can contact one of our office staff for requests. Faes Cases also has got a sales force, who can visit you if applicable. The office staff will make an appointment for you.

Harold Pijs - Verkoop NL

Harold Pijs

Robert Verboven - Verkoop NL

Robert Verboven

Marc Aarts

Marc Aarts