Trade show covers

  • For an efficient and effective trade show exhibition
  • Adjusted to your corporate identity
  • All dimensions possible

Trade show coversThe smaller niche trade shows are increasing rapidly. Often these are tradeshows which you would like to exhibit, but not with a great investment. Also include the long time it takes to build and break off the booth and the new concept of Faes Cases has been born.

The products which you want to show are packed in a flightcase (which Faes Cases of course also can make for your), which also includes a stretch cover and three steps you are ready.

  1. You quickly bring your flightcase with wheels to your booth and take out your product(s)
  2. You pull the stretch cover over the flightcase and there you have got your presentation table for your products, according to your corporate identity.
  3. You display your products on the table and walk back to your car empty handed….Let the show start!

Herewith you save a lot of costs, time and frustration. You don’t have to walk back and forth to get all the stuff out of your car/van/truck and bring it to your booth. You are ready in no-time and your booth looks great, according to your coporate identity. and….you don’t have to bring all the empty boxes back to your car, which after the show you have to bring again back to your booth. The covers are washable and available in every colour with the print that your require.
Trade show covers