Promo bag

Promo bags by Faes Cases

Promo bags of Faes Cases are always handmade. This can be seen as an ancient Dutch craft of advanced and distinctive products. These bags, in most cases with carrying belt. are double-walled for extra firmness. They can be made in every shape and size, depending on your application. Also the dimensions, weight and quantity of the products which need to be packed determine how the promo bag will look like. These promo bags are often used for sampling, amongst others for soda, with which not only the firmness is important, but also that it can be cleaned easily and that they can resist ice. Of course in the design your corporate identity is always respected. We are proud that we have references of for example Coca Cola, Aquarius and minute-maid.


  • All shapes and dimensions possible; always tailormade!!
  • Ideal possibilities for ”sampling’
  • Sturdy and durable

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