Pilot case

The pilot case by Faes Cases

Pilot case is logically named after the popularity of the case amongst pilots. But nowadays they are not the only group of people who is enthusiastic about this kind of model. Lawyers, accountants, account managers etc. etc. see the added value of a sophisticated pilot case. Mostly the big storage space makes it perfect to fit ring binder, magazines and documents, is highly appreciated. The pilot cases of Faes Cases has got a number of advantages compated to the regular cases. Firstly Faes Cases does not know standard sizes. additional side pocket? no problem! Pilot cases are always produced on your requirements. Based on your wishes, a decision can be made which material need to be used. Pilot cases can also be provided with a print of your logo or text.

Pilot cases `made in Holland`:

The pilot cases of Faes Cases are produced in the Netherlands. This ensures an absolute top quality by Dutch craftsmanship. But besides a good quality, there is another big advantage. By producing locally we can be very flexible regarding your requirements and wishes about options and dimensions and we can deliver a short delivery time.

Characteristics pilot cases

  • Sophisticated pilot case for the business man/woman
  • Tailormade in Holland!!
  • Possible in fakeleather/leather-look

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