Profile Series

Profile Series of Faes Cases

The Profile Series by Faes Cases consists of four different profiles of cases that are suitable for any application. These types of cases are particularly suited for harder work, can take a beating and still look attractive. The biggest differences between the models are the thickness of the plate material, the profiles used and the corner caps. With the Profile series, you have a broad choice of locks, hinges, brackets and grips.

  • Cases are made from wood panels, aluminium profiles and steel corner pieces
  • Custom measurements available from one piece and up
  • The case can be imprinted with your logo and text
  • The case is available with a custom interior.

Superior Style case

Profile Series
The Superior Style case distinguishes itself by combining optimal protection with a perfect presentation. This top-of-the-line product offers you the opportunity to TRULY put together a case entirely according to a specific application and situation. The outside can be clad in plastic, leather, decorative wrap, or just about any other kind of material. You also have a wide choice of handles, locks, hinges and corner pieces.

Ultra Light koffer

Profile Series
The Ultra Light case from Faes Cases offers you a clear benefit when weight is a factor and a significant amount of weight is placed in the case. By making use of relatively thin plate material for the base and lid panels, the Ultra Light is a case with a very low weight, which in fact does not diminish the strength and robustness of the case. The aluminium look gives the case a contemporary appearance.

Alu Style case

Profile Series
If the case has to be robust, undergo intensive use and also sometimes take a beating, then our Alu Style cases are the best choice. Since these cases have a scratch-resistant aluminium top, damage to the case is barely visible. And they still will look great after several years of intensive use. These cases are ideal for the professional who has to transport costly equipment on a daily basis or for carousels where the luggage is constantly thrown back and forth. This top-quality product offers a long service life.

Heavy Duty case

Profile Series
Heavy Duty case is one of the top-selling cases in our catalogue. This case offers you the protection of a flight case and the ease of use of a regular case. The Heavy Duty is available in different versions. The lid can be on the top, on the front or back or even on three sides: almost anything is possible with this case. Because of its strong construction, this case can take a beating while the contents remain well-protected. The Heavy Duty case can be delivered with different kinds of hinges and lockwork.

  1. Main features

    Profile Series

    Article Code Description Dimensions internal Dimensions external Weight
    FAE.002784 Industrial style case variabel variabel variabel
    FAE.002802 Ultra Light case variabel variabel variabel
    FAE.002782 Alu Style case variabel variabel variabel
    FAE.000815 Heavy Duty case variabel variabel variabel