MIO Series

With a personalized presentation case, you immediately win the attention of customers and prospects. You determine the size, color and interior … in short MIO, my case…

Presentation case with your look and feel – custom interior

Are you active in industry or construction? Or perhaps in the food industry, electronics or business services? Each business has its own particular appearance and its own jargon. Choose a case that helps communicate your message.

MIO is a presentation case that you can have customised and prepared according to your own specific wishes and demands. With a nearly endless choice in tops and variations in plate structure, the MIO provides a characteristic, unique look and feel. The case will perfectly correspond with the identity of your company.

  1. Video
  2. Main features

    MIO: case with character

    The Mio case is the answer to the increasing demand for distinctive cases for presentation and demonstration purposes.The Mio presentation case is manufactured in the Netherlands. Making use of sustainable materials, MIO is an excellent choice from the perspective of corporate social responsibility, all the while guaranteeing an outstanding price / quality ratio. Do you need a representative case in a hurry? Choose from six standard sizes and one of the many basic colours.


    • Can be imprinted with logo and text
    • Strong, durable top
    • Possible with options such as cubed foam interior and trolley system
    • Outstanding price/quality ratio
    • Standard sizes and standard colours available from stock
    • Custom measurements but one of our standard colours? We can still offer you fast delivery
    • Click here for more information on the possible interiors


  3. Specifications
    Article number Type Weight Internal dimensions External dimensions
    L W H L W H
    FAE.006167 MIO Special
    FAE.006168 MIO 350 2,8 kg 350 250 130 365 265 145
    FAE.006169 MIO 400 3,5 kg 400 300 150 415 315 165
    FAE.006170 MIO 450 3,9 kg 450 350 130 465 365 145
    FAE.006171 MIO 500 4,4 kg 500 350 150 515 365 165
    FAE.006172 MIO 580 5,2 kg 580 350 180 595 365 195
    FAE.006173 MIO 380T 4,0 kg 380 220 330 395 235 345

    L: length in mm, W: width in mm, H: height in mm
    Standaard dimensions are available from stock in standard colour: lichtgrey
    Basic colours: white, antracite, black, yellow, orange, red, green, light blue, dark blue

    MIO presentatie kofferMIO 350
    MIO presentatie kofferMIO380T
    MIO presentatie kofferMIO 400
    MIO presentatie kofferMIO450
    MIO presentatie kofferMIO500
    MIO presentatie kofferMIO580
  4. Product sheet (PDF)

    Not available in English
    Download the Dutch brochure (PDF)


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