FHO-ME Series

Extremely versatile

The FHO-ME cases are high quality plastic cases with double sidewalls. The applications of the cases are very extensive; presenting, transporting or storing a wide variety of products and materials. Of course, there is the possibility to create a customized interior for the protection or presentation of your product.

The double sidewall polypropylene cases are incredibly strong and provide optimal protection for your tools, sensitive components or valuable equipment. The space between the inner and outer layers of the case acts as a protective buffer against falling or bumping.

  1. Main features
    • Polypropylene case with double sidewalls
    • Incredibly strong and robust for maximum protection
    • Splash proof
    • Carries loads up to 40 kg
    • Comfortable fold-down handle
    • Two strong hinges
    • Combination lock, shoulder strap and trolley optionally
    • Divider board between sides possible
    • The case can be fitted with a customized interior
  2. Specifications

    Standard colours cases: black, grey
    Standard colours locks: black, blue and red
    Other colours are available on demand

    Article code Description* Dimensions internal Dimensions external Weight
    FAE.004861/FAE.004862 FHO-ME 1000 grey/grey LS 420x290x140 (90/50)mm 455x368x166mm 2.6 kg
    FAE.004860/FAE.003758 FHO-ME 1000 black/black LS 420x290x140 (90/50)mm 455x368x166mm 2.6 kg
    FAE.004865/FAE.004864 FHO-ME 2000 grey/grey LS 471x346x130 (85/45)mm 534x427x157mm 3.2 kg
    FAE.004863/FAE.001361 FHO-ME 2000 black/black LS 471x346x130 (85/45)mm 534x427x157mm 3.2 kg
    FAE.004867/FAE.004868 FHO-ME 3000 grey/grey LS 469x344x155 (110/45)mm 534x427x182mm 3.3 kg
    FAE.004866/FAE.003359 FHO-ME 3000 black/black LS 469x344x155 (110/45)mm 534x427x182mm 3.3 kg
    FAE.004870/FAE.004871 FHO-ME 4000 grey/grey LS 469x344x180 (110/70)mm 534x427x207mm 3.7 kg
    FAE.004869/FAE.004626 FHO-ME 4000 black/black LS 469x344x180 (110/70)mm 534x427x207mm 3.7 kg

    * LS = with lid stay

  3. Product sheet (PDF)

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