EPP | Tailor made case

Lightweight and any shape

An EPP (Expanded polypropylene) case may not be the most obvious choice for a package, but it is often the best material for the job.

The material is extremely lightweight. Products with oversize dimensions often need heavy cases, but not if the case uses EPP in its production. An EPP case is many times lighter than a plastic case of the same dimensions, so it is ideal for transporting relatively large products that still need to be easy to carry.

Despite their lightweight nature, EPP cases are still robust and extremely shock-absorbent. The material is also resistant to oils and acids, which makes it ideal for use with tools and machines.

EPP cases are made using a mould, giving complete freedom in determining their form and dimensions. This has the disadvantage of requiring higher start-up costs, but if you need a series of cases, an EPP case can quickly become a competitive option.

  1. Characteristics
    • The interior components can be produced in one piece, and in any form.
    • Extremely lightweight
    • Highly shock absorbent
    • Resistant to acids, oils, etc.
    • EPP is available in a variety of hardnesses, depending on the application. We can help you choose the right degree of hardness for your package.
    • The hinges and locks can be made of either EPP or plastic.
    • Several surface finishes are available to give your case an attractive appearance (etching or laser cutting).
    • The case can also be delivered with your company logo integrated into the mould, a recessed aluminium plate, etc.
    • EPP is also easily recyclable, so your packaging is not only functional, it is environmentally friendly.
  2. Product sheet (PDF)

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