Plastic Cases

Plastic cases in your house style

User-friendly and hygienic

Plastic cases are popular in large part due to their ease of use. But did you know that they are also hygienic and easy to clean? These characteristics make them ideal for an endless array of applications. To that end, we offer an expansive selection of models and dimensions.

  • Presentation case
  • Craft case St. Elisabeth hospital
  • Transport case Lithium Ion
  • Case with working PlayStation

Budget line or Quality line?

Our plastic cases from the Budget line feature good quality and a very attractive price tag. These are cases that do what cases are supposed to do!

If you are looking for a high quality plastic case able to handle anything thrown at it, then our Quality line is for you. These plastic cases feature excellent quality coupled with extra functionalities. Whether you need a watertight or impact-proof case, or one that is more user-friendly than usual, the Quality line has what you need.

A case for every product or application

11 standard models, endless packaging solutions

Budget line

Quality line

Service & know-how are our strength

With over 30 years of experience, Faes Cases knows better than almost anyone else in the custom packaging world that everything revolves around quality, know-how and service! These are the cornerstones for your total packaging solution.

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Get the Total Package

Our goal is to deliver the entire package. That means a case, bespoke interior and print-work that are guaranteed to impress your clients! Our engineers and consultants are standing by to help you make your product stand out from the crowd!

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