FEM-T Series

Aluminium presentation case

The FEM-T case is an ideal attaché or presentation case for your representatives. The case is lined and finished on the inside and the lid is equipped with a document holder. In addition, it also has a variable partition and a strap to secure the laptop in the bottom. Moreover, it is also possible to fit this case with a custom interior.

The FEM-T case is made entirely of aluminum, with a comfortable grip and feature locks. The aluminum case is lightweight, making it very pleasant to use. Despite the light weight, these cases are still very strong.

  1. Main features
    • Aluminium case, light in weight
    • Great for presentation and sales purposes
    • The case features interior lining, removable document holder and a strap to attach a laptop
    • Posibility for variable compartments in the bottom
    • The case can be printed with your logo or text
    • The case can be fitted with a custom interior
  2. Specifications
    Article code Description Dimensions internal Dimensions external Weight
    FAE.002874 FEM-T case 0451 320 x 235 x 75 (45/30) mm 335 x 280 x 85 mm 1.5 kg
    FAE.002875 FEM-T case 0452 390 x 290 x 80 (35/45) mm 425 x 340 x 90 mm 2.1 kg
    FAE.002876 FEM-T case 0453 445 x 325 x 85 (35/50) mm 480 x 380 x 100 mm 2.6 kg
    FAE.002877 FEM-T case 0454 445 x 335 x 100 (35/65) mm 470 x 380 x 120 mm 2.8 kg
    FAE.002879 FEM-T case 0445 450 x 335 x 145 (45/100) mm 470 x 380 x 160 mm 3.3 kg
  3. Product sheet (PDF)

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