AluClass Series

Exclusive and flexible demo case

Give your products more added value by presenting them in the Aluclass aluminium case. Aluclass is THE alternative for the common presentation cases. The stylish and exclusive Aluclass aluminium case is really useful for presenting or demonstrating high-value products, which are not too heavy.

Despite the required dimensions, this solution offers you every flexibility. The combination of the aluminium plate and foaminterior gives you the lightest case in the market. Since the aluminium plate has got a plastic interlayer an extremely solid hinge can be created. Of course every foam material is suitable and the size, shape and locations of the compartments can be fitted to the products, which need to be packed and displayed. The closures of the Aluclass are also the feet of the case to secure stability and prevents scratches on the aluminium plate. Of course the Aluclass can be provided with a print. Also by using a sticker of the complete surface you can get a sophisticated look.

  1. Main features
    • Stylish and exclusive presentation/ demonstration case
    • The lightest case in the market
    • Combination of aluminium sandwich panel and foam interior
    • Very solid hing because of a plastic interlayer
    • Flexible for both size and grouping
    • Made in Holland
    • Can be printed or provided with a full-size sticker
  2. Specifications
    Article code Description Dimensions internal Dimensions external Colour Weight
    FAE.005934 Aluminium case, AluClass variable variable Aluminium variabel
  3. Product sheet (PDF)

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