Wooden boxes

Wooden boxes in accordance with European regulations

Faes Cases delivers wooden packaging in every conceivable size. Our wooden boxes are strong, functional and practical, and are mainly used for one-way transport. Safe packaging and transport of products is a vital consideration in every sector, so we build our boxes with the greatest of care and the best available materials. Faes Cases works in accordance with the ISPM 15 standard, and only uses the highest quality wood.

ISPM 15 treated wood

A growing number of countries require ISPM 15 certification for wooden packaging imported inside their borders. Shipments with wood or wooden packaging that do not bear the ISPM 15 seal of approval may be held at the border, returned to the sender, or even destroyed. Faes Cases would rather be safe than sorry, and has chosen to use solely ISPM 15 treated wood.

What is ISPM 15 treated wood?
The measures required for certification prevent the spread of live pests through the transporting of wood or wooden packaging. Wood used for packaging and dunnage must have been treated and marked for international transport. ISPM 15 states which products must be treated, the approved treatment methods, and the requirements for applying markings to these products.

Unique registration number
Wooden packaging bearing the seal of approval is guaranteed to have met the ISPM 15 certification requirements. It is therefore unnecessary to provide a certificate of treatment from the parties that produced, repaired, treated or traded the wood.
Faes Cases’ individual registration number is 241.

Houten verpakkingen
Houten verpakkingen
Houten verpakkingen
Houten verpakkingen

Get the Total Package

Our goal is to deliver the entire package. That means a box, bespoke interior and print-work that will meet all of your needs (and satisfy the regulations)! Our engineers and consultants are standing by to help you transport or store your product safely.

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