Aluminium Boxes

Flexible in aluminium: Defender boxes

Do you need an aluminium box for industrial or private use, for use in extreme conditions or at the office, or that satisfies military specifications or food safety regulations? In the Defender selection, you’re sure to find at least one that meets your needs. The Defender KA44, KA64 and KA74 provide the ideal solutions for your packaging or transport problems. They are the best choice when you place high demands on the protection of your valuable, fragile or hazardous cargo during transport or storage – in even the most extreme conditions!

Defender aluminium kisten
Defender aluminium kisten
Defender aluminium kisten

Aluminium boxes offer many benefits

The Defender aluminium boxes offer many benefits: they are lightweight, yet robust and durable, so you can rest assured that the contents are completely protected. Moreover, aluminium is not affected by extreme cold or heat, is anti-magnetic and corrosion-free.

The Defender selection is renowned for its wide range of options in models and dimensions. They also offer excellent quality for a very competitive price. Whether you need an inexpensive box to transport and store raw materials, a box for expensive electronic equipment, or one to transport hazardous materials, the Defender is the best and highest-quality solution.

The Defender series includes three different standard models: the KA44, KA64 and KA74. Each model has its own benefits, and is available in a variety of sizes. If the standard options do not suit your needs, we can also offer a bespoke solution.

Get the Total Package

Our goal is to deliver the entire package. That means a box, bespoke interior and print-work that will meet all of your needs (and satisfy the regulations)! Our engineers and consultants are standing by to help you transport or store your product safely.

Custom interior

Many aluminium boxes also feature a custom interior. While most cases usually have a foam interior, there is no standard option for aluminium boxes. Some contain wooden compartments to keep the contents in order during transport, while others have a foam interior in order to protect small parts, or even a combination of different options.


  • Aluminium boxes are lightweight, but very durable.
  • Every Defender aluminium box can be made to order.
  • Defender aluminium boxes are available in four quality options.
  • Each Defender aluminium box can be delivered with print-work or other options, such as wheels, ventilation vents, powder coating, etc.


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