Custom Boxes

Custom boxes by Faes Cases

Our range of boxes is extremely broad. In contrast to cases, boxes usually have a specific application. Our 19-inch racks, for example, are often used for the assembly of equipment, and our aluminium boxes are used for transport and storage. In addition, Faes Cases also offers plastic or wooden boxes. The combination of our expansive selection of standard boxes, the option of bespoke solutions, and the creativity of our engineers means that the possibilities are limitless.

Endless possibilities from one single source

We step into your shoes and thoroughly familiarise ourselves with your business before we start looking for a solution that meets your needs:

Every box or rack starts with your need

Whether you need a simple transport box or a rack made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship that can withstand any weather conditions, tell us what you need and we’ll present the ideal packaging. Our consultants have a wealth of experience with the complexity involved in making the best packaging choice. Combined with our own production facilities, this makes Faes Cases the ideal partner for creating successful bespoke cases.

An answer to every question

We know what questions to ask in order to help you find the perfect packaging solution! For example:

  • What are you planning to use the packaging for? Some possible answers include: presentations, transport, storing products,…

  • How intensively will the packaging be used? Will the products be shipped around the world on a weekly basis, or only used to give presentations a few times per year?

  • How valuable is your product? This is often reflected in the value of the case.

  • Do you have a preference for a specific material? Options include aluminium boxes, plastic boxes, 19-inch racks or wooden boxes.

  • Which interior best suits your needs? Some of the options include foam interiors, EPP interiors, plastic interiors or compartments.

Get the Total Package

Our goal is to deliver the entire package. That means a box, bespoke interior and print-work that will meet all of your needs (and satisfy the regulations)! Our engineers and consultants are standing by to help you transport or store your product safely.

Tell us what you need to package, and we’ll do the rest!