• Custom Packaging
    Reusable cases, boxes and flight cases
  • From design to production and logistics
    Outsourced to 1 specialist

Faes Cases, your partner in packaging

Each packaging solution we deliver is unique. We design and produce custom packaging solutions for companies in every sector, and in all shapes and sizes. Usually, we brainstorm together with the client to formulate a concrete problem statement, which we use to realise an innovative and creative packaging solution. Our clients know their applications best, and Faes Cases is a specialist in packaging them, so the collaboration between the two parties often leads to innovative, cost-saving solutions.

Flight cases, cases and boxes that help build your business

In our vision, a case is not just a case and a flight case is not just a flight case. When designed and used properly, they provide a solution that contributes to your bottom line and helps you earn satisfied customers. Browse through our custom products and discover what we can do for you!

Get more out of your packaging

Custom solutions are based on ingenuity and expertise. At Faes Cases, every packaging proposal is built upon more than 30 years of quality, knowledge and experience. This combination ensures that the right choices are made to achieve the best results.

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