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Custom cases, boxes and flightcases

About Faes Cases

  • We are versatile...

    Faes Cases is the most versatile developer and manufacturer of industrial packages. In our vision is that a case is not just a case and a box is not just a box. Properly designed, developed and used, creating a package that contributes to better organization, securer transportation and more powerful communication and presentation.

  • … resourceful ...

    Resourcefulness is our second nature. Since there aren’t two identical packaging issues, Faes Cases supplies almost exclusively customization. Each solution reflects more than thirty years of knowledge and experience. Faes Cases can draw on a wide range of cases and boxes. In all types, sizes and materials. Good for a thousand and one applications, including yours!

  • … and service oriented.

    Be assured, our service does not end with the delivery. As a supplier, we are at your service, we are at your service concerning your organization and its performance. We provide added value to your case by using electronics. We manage your inventory, clean and repair your cases. From fulfillment to track and trace: Faes Cases does everything possible to support you and to relieve you.


  • Transportation and Organisation

    For the transportation of valuable and vulnerable goods a sustainable packaging is a requirement. The most exceptional goods are in good hands with our care and experience. Faes Cases helps thinking about the way of transportation, transport requirements, ease of use, ergonomics, health & safety and many more important subjects. Read more..

  • Communication and Presentation

    A case only as packaging and nothing else? Faes Cases invites you to look further. Protect, organize and not to forget: present and demonstrate. A case as the perfect mean for communication. Read more..


  1. UN approved packaging

    Sustainable and reusable packaging in accordance with current regulations! Read more..

  2. Refurbishment and repair

    Save money and have us lengthen the life of your cases and boxes! Read more..

  3. Stock keeping

    Save space and have us stock your cases and boxes! Read more..

  4. Returnable Packaging Service (RPS)

    Save space, money and time and have us arranging that you always have the right quantity of representative boxes in the field! Read more..

  5. Fulfilment

    Save time and have us pack your cases or boxes with your products! Read more..

  6. Logistics

    Save paraphernalia and have us take care of your logistics! Read more..

  7. System integration

    Impress your customer by demonstrating your customer the new LED-light….while it’s working. Or think of the ease of use of having a mobile office, you can literally work from your case! Read more..

  8. PackStatus®

    Do you want real-time information on the location and condition of your shipments? Faes Cases offers you the possibility with PackStatus®. Read more..

  9. Online proofing

    Online proofing accelerates and simplifies the approval of your drawings. Read more..

  10. Cleanroom

    Save time and worry and have us deliver your cases and boxes dust-free! Read more..